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When even the rainbow colors are merely shades of gray,
I know it is only my dark glasses.


In the Silence

In the silence
            there is nothing
            and everything.
In the silence
            Divine Breath speaks
            by saying nothing at all.
In the silence
            all things drift away
            and yet the emptiness is full.
In the silence
            I find myself
            by losing myself.
All there is,
            all there will ever be, already exists
            in the silence.

The Hope of Hope

How does that Paul Simon song go?
“When you’re weary, feeling small,
When tears are in your eyes
I will dry them all.”
That is hope
for a better day.
But, when no one is there
to dry your tears,
and no one notices
how weary you are,
then all you are left with
is the hope of hope.

Spring Rain

See the saturated clouds
flinging off their excess
so they can float
freely in the heavy air.

See the mighty maple
casting off its seedling bundles,
weak and hearty alike
given to their fate and the will of God.

See the timid chipmunk
scurrying out of the downspout
finally realizing
that its safe, warm nest is not the shelter it sought.

See me, discovering some hidden bravery,
throwing off my winter of angst
and allowing myself to bask in the joy
of the spring rain.


How do I surrender to change?

How do I let go of fear,
to see the possibility
and beauty
that may come?

Like spring leaves
Like greening grass
Like downy bunnies
Like returning songbirds

My broken heart,
surrounded by the thin mesh fibers
of hope and joy,
holding it together,

how can I trust it?

How can I not?

January Darkness

As darkness falls on another January day,
I fade with the dimming of my eyes.

I seek rest, desire comfort,
but the darkness only numbs.

One bright thing, that’s all I require.
Just one joyful thought, but even that is elusive.

I can’t hide from the deepening shadows.
I can only look for a single spark to light my meager candle.

Where are you now?

For Joanne on the death of her long time partner, Bill

Where are you now,
my love, my friend, my dear companion?

Where are you now,
without pain, without burden?

Where are you now,
in a fresh new existence?

Where are you now,
when I miss you so badly?

Where are you now,
besides here in my heart and memories forever?