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Ash Wednesday

Burn down this heavy body
Burn down this restless mind
Burn down this angry frustration
and rise again from ashes.

Burn down this need to control
Burn down this pointless anxiety
Burn down this flagging spirit
and rise again from ashes.

There is a gold coin somewhere
in the remains, a silver necklace,
a diamond ring.

Wash me in waters of gratitude
Cleanse me in rivers of joy
Bathe me in the light of forgiveness
and let me rise again from ashes.

Keeping Lenten Promises

We give things up for Lent to teach us appreciation
We give alms during Lent to help us connect with the less fortunate
We pray more during Lent to help us join again with the Great Mystery

I gave up diet soda and ice cream
I started putting change in a Heifer Project box and I’m paying my taxes
I am meditating on a Thought a Day brochure and writing in my journal

And so far, I am doing really well,

But, it’s only day 2….