An Alternate Reality

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The Question

In a room

           with all the gods

            of every religion

            and every belief

I ask them all

            the same question,

            but every one

            is silent.

Then, one by one,

            they disappear

            until all that’s left

            is me.

So, I ask myself

            the same question

            and wait to disappear,

            as if that is the answer.

But, I’m still here

            and still confused, wondering

            which is wrong, the answer,

            or the question?


High Tides

I see the lines on the rocks,
the ever-present etching of the high tides

and the flotsam and jetsam that is left behind
when those deep waters recede.

The surge clears away much,
but leaves much as well.

Where did all the bits and pieces come from?
Where do they go?

I do my best to ride those emotional waves
and I struggle to survive the high tides.


Silent stillness
Winter’s breath
Holding, resting
Secret renewal

Beneath this silent blanket
In stillness, wait

Here, again

I stand on a precipice
looking over at the rushing stream below
where deer drink
and otters splash
sunlit and carefree
at least for the moment
and I long…

I stand at the lip of a cave
peering inside at the
hidden and secret
dark and quiet
where there might be refuge,
solitude, shelter
at least for the moment
and I long…

I stand before the universe
wondering at the stars
and the darkness between
where eternity rests
and unending mystery
at least for all of time,
and I long…

Then I sit here, again
in my office chair
staring at the demanding screens
and the overwhelming obligations
trying to hold on to my sanity
at least until I can retire,
and I long…