An Alternate Reality

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Autumn Time

The frost has come,
the pumpkins are past,
still waiting for the leaves to crumble.

My body is crumbling as well
in this autumn time, and yet
there is life ahead even as I look back.

How squeezed is my heart,
like the apples in a press.

How dry is my soul,
like the crisp, dead leaves.

I know the dormant time is needed,
and that there is life beneath the rot,
but it is hard to wait through this autumn time.

Another Season of My Discontent

I listen without hearing.
I cry out without comfort.
How long does this dark night last?

I wander without arriving.
I wonder without answers.
How ever will my soul find rest?

I strive without accomplishing.
I assume without knowing.
How do I survive the disappointment?

Oh, whine, whine, whine.
Shut the heck up and get over yourself already.
Your life is so much better than you know.