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Grass Never Gives Up

Grass is tenacious.
Grass is brave.
Grass never gives up.

It gets squashed, trampled, sliced off.
It gets fertilized and poisoned,
Over and over.

It gets frozen, baked, drown,
and still it dares to lift its head
in defiance.

Yellow, brown, green,
black and blue,
it rises again.

What an amazing
thing grass is…
an example for us all.

A Poem about Writing Poems

Some are driven
Some just walk
Some are given
Some just talk

Some are easy
Some are hard
Some are breezy
Some are charred

Some rhymes matter
Rhythms smooth
Some just clatter
Unfinished, crude

But, however I unfold them
Not matter what they say
The words still form a poem
at the end of a long day.