An Alternate Reality

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Preparation Day

Making lists
checking off
Packing clothes
everything washed
Organizing the house
for he who’s left behind
Trying to prepare
for the journey yet to come.

Have the plan
but willing to change
Know the way
but each time is different
Up to the challenge
of family dynamics
But still a little nervous
about the unknown.

Looking forward
with joy and dread
Will it be expected
or totally different
Praying for calm
in the upcoming chaos
Seeking an umbrella
to weather the possible storm.

Preparation day
am as ready as ever
Departure is immanent
nothing more I can do
Life will take me
where I need to be taken
All that I do know is
I will make it through.

There’s No Place Like Home

What do you do
            when nowhere feels like home?
When you’re stuck in between
            where you were and where you’re going? 

You can’t take it with you,
            yet you don’t leave it behind.
So many things are strange
            and even the familiar, isn’t. 

So what do you do
            when you’re missing a home?
When you can’t go back
            and you fear going forward? 

Well, gird up your loins
            and sandal your feet.
Home is surely where your heart dwells–
            and where you are now IS home.