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Monsters in the Closet

Monsters in the closet
Monsters under the bed
Monsters in the attic
So many Monsters to be fed.

We feed them with scary stories
We feed them with our fears
We feed them our anxieties
We feed them with our tears.


What if we gave them cookies
And pleasant little treats
What if we fed them laughter
And all the joy that they could eat?

Wonder, in the closet
Adventure, under the bed
Fantasy, in the attic
Oh, we’d be Happy Beasts, instead!


There’s a saying that if you don’t get what you expect
change your expectations. 
But what would happen if we had no expectations? 

Would we never be disappointed?
Would we always be surprised by life?
Would we accept whatever is, with gratitude? 

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring. 
The forecast is for cold and snow.
Not very springlike!

But, what if we didn’t expect Spring to be sunny and warm.
What if we just let Spring be Spring, no matter what?
And what if we just let Life be Life, no matter what?

Would we be less judgmental and more forgiving?
Would we be more joyous, more peaceful?
How’s that for a new expectation?

The Answer to All of Life’s Questions

(it’s probably not 42!) 

What should I do today? God only knows.
Who will I be today? God only knows.
What is my true purpose in life?
What kind of difference do I make in this world?
How much more time do I have on this earth?  God only knows. 

I often ask myself these same questions
and somehow I always get the same answer. 

So, I might as well not worry about any of it,
because no matter what I think,

            God Only Knows.

not much longer…

why does the world just continue to spin
no matter what kind of shape it is in
everyone battling fights they can’t win
            in the name of their cause

when will all troubled souls finally find peace
when will the ugly hostilities cease
when can our tightly chained hearts be released
            to find love once more

how long can we hold ourselves up when we’re down
how long can we balance on uneven ground
how long can humanity live with the sound
            of children in pain

 not much longer….


Sometimes I feel so lost and alone
abandoned by the world and the Word
hopeless and empty
facing impossible struggles 

Then I see the miracles
serendipitous coincidences
fragile birds perched happily on snow laden branches
tender new shoots in a pot of useless soil 

And I realize I have never been alone-
the Great I am wraps her shawl
around me, kisses my forehead
and I sigh…