An Alternate Reality

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Absence of Fear

Medical monitoring 24×7
Wireless access to our vital signs
Probing deep into our DNA
Doesn’t this scare anybody?

Access to anything 24×7
GPS always knowing where we are
Knowing our smart phones are smarter than we are
Doesn’t this scare anybody?

A world too connected
A world too watched
Nothing is private
Nothing is safe

And who seems to notice?
Who seems to care?
I am terrified to discover
It’s now 1984!


(OMG, and I am posting this on the world wide web!!!)

The Labyrinth

Plodding along
head bowed
hands folded
circling the labyrinth

Oblivious to the sun
unaware of the birds
concentrating only within
circling the labyrinth

Does piety demand joylessness?
Does contemplation expect exclusion?

Headset on
music playing
spinning and laughing
Dancing the labyrinth!