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Unexpected Gifts

Late January,
dark days and cold nights,

but Christmas cactus
and amaryllis

don’t heed the season.
They shout, “Spring!”

in bright red dresses
with ruffley skirts.

They smile
at the dark days.

They dance
through the cold nights.

My hibernating heart
is warmed by their laughter.

What unexpected gifts,
these winter blooming flowers.

February Yearning

When will it be spring?
When will I emerge from this frost?

When will the flowers find their way up?
When will my heart?

I think the world is frozen,
but then I see bunny tracks and squirrels.

How do they survive?
How do I?

When will this winter be over?
When will my creativity thaw?

I feel a little seed inside,

Winter Lament

What is that in the southern sky?
A reflective orb? A UFO?
I know I’ve seen it somewhere before
I can’t recall just when.

What is that on my window sill?
A whitish streak, a yellow glow.
I used to know what it was called,
but now – I just don’t know.

What is that shining in my eyes?
It’s warm and comforting somehow.
I haven’t felt it in such a long time,
yet it feels so very familiar.

But wait! It’s gone, and I am sad.
I almost had it for a moment there.
I hope it comes to visit again.
My heart is lighter when it’s here.