An Alternate Reality

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What if all I believe is false?
What if all I’ve been taught to believe, is not true?

Would my world be shaken?
Would my days be different?

Would it matter to find that my life is built on shifting sands?

Maybe, but, it has been shifting anyway,
whether I believe,
or not…

Buyers Remorse ( or New Home Blues)

Sold the house
            no place to live.
Found a place
            is it the one?
Got the financing
            can we afford it?
Had the inspection
            we have to fix WHAT?!? 

Schedule the movers
Gather the boxes
Plan the strategies
Over and over

Stop a minute
            take a breath.
Need to do everything
            but not all at once.
This will work out
           people do it all the time.
Still 6 weeks ’til closing
            What were we thinking!?!