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A Too Long Winter Lament

Where are you spring?
Still locked in the clear icicles handing from the gutters?

Where are you spring?
Hidden beneath the feet of snow blocking the sun from your roots?

Where are you spring?
When I am cold and longing for your joy?

Where are you spring?
Will you ever come back?

The Gifts of the Christmas Cactus

From segmented green stems
come buds of growth,
extensions of the life that is.

But then, a surprise,
a red tip, like a droplet of blood,
builds and expands,

And unfurls in a burst of color
that are the blossoms
of the cactus flower. 

These gifts of the Christmas Cactus,
as precious as the gifts of the Magi,
are hope and life. 

They are affirmations of continuation,
in the deepest dark of winter.
They are bursts of joy that inspire us to hope.