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The Song I Hear in My Head (a warning tale)

Make it STOP!

She covered her ears with her hands, but she could still hear it. The simple tune playing over and over in her head, grinding out the lyrics. All around her the colorful dancers turned and twisted into evil clowns with skeletal grins.

No. NO! she moaned. This was supposed to be happy. This was supposed to be fun.
But the music played on and the dancers danced on.

Finally, she could take no more. She stood up. The boat rocked and people shouted, but she didn’t care. She jumped into the water, which was only waist deep, and ran for the exit.

The Disney security guards were waiting for her. “Don’t worry,” they said. “You’re not in any trouble. This happens all the time.”

As they led her away, she could still hear the music and she croaked a maniacal laugh…

“It’s a small world after all. It’s a small world after all. It’s a small world after all. It’s a small, small world…..”

A Childhood Memory – My First Taste of Lipstick

It cost five cents. A fortune. But my pocket burned and
my hand snatched one from the candy store box.

I looked at it. Gently touched the plastic cover.
I had to have it.

The lady at the counter took my nickle.
Asked if I wanted a bag.

“No thanks,” I said, hurrying out.
I ran around the corner.
Ripped off the plastic.
Held it up, smiling.

The moment of truth.
I popped off the cover, held it to my lips.

Suddenly I was as glamourous as Rachael Welch
As sophisticated at Katherine Hepburn
As grown up as my Mom.

I brushed the tube of candy across my lips.
The taste was sugary, sweet.
Probably nothing like the real thing, but I didn’t know…
Being 6 and all.

That’s when it happened.
The dirty deed.
I couldn’t help myself.
I took a bite.

I’ll always remember
my first taste of lipstick.

4 Ring Circus

Tripping over children, like stepping stones

There is something wild about
4 generations tumbled together.

Something elemental
Something ancestral

Still, it’s a kind of relief
when they all go home.