An Alternate Reality

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There is sadness in my head,
both old and new, and a longing
for the way things used to be.

There is sorrow in my eyes,
blurring all the special times
that used to bring me tranquility and joy.

There is fear in my heart,
making me cower behind
all the unfixable mistakes of the past.

But, there is also mystery in my soul,
that tries its best
to keep a spark of hope alive.

And, there is life in me yet,
that struggles to be set free
and change my mourning into song.

The Winds of October

The winds of October
tugging off the yellowing leaves
gathering them from lawn to lawn
until they are caught in a fence
or pile up under a bush

The winds of Change
tugging off the illusion of security in my life
gathering my memories from a life now past
until they are caught in my present thoughts
and pile up in a jumble of emotions

The winds that scatter seeds
The winds that swirl loose rubbish
The winds that have no plan
The winds that make no judgements

I’m left holding these dead leaves
and loose rubbish
but somewhere in the decay
are the seeds of the future
and the promise of new life, come the Spring.