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In the Mirror

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

“I believe in Mary Worth. I believe in Mary Worth.”

The crazy things we say to mirrors, maybe even expecting answers.

What is actually in that mirror? Is it just reflected light, or an alternate universe, or maybe a window into our own souls?

Do we see what is really there?
Do we see things as they are?

We see the reverse. Not exactly what someone would see if they were looking back at us. They see left on left and right on right. We see left on right and right on left. So, can we ever know who we really are by looking in a mirror?

Sometimes, when I look, I see wrinkles and bags that can’t be mine. I see a tired smile and lack-luster eyes. I see the little girl I used to be, and the old woman I will become.

I see change in that mirror. And the things in the mirror are a lot closer than they appear.

Perpetual Motion

In mostly imperceptible ways
change happens
until all at once
I realize
that everything is different.

Almost without notice, my world constantly spins,
like the earth, like the universe,
until all at once
I realize
I’ve been flung off.

I could scramble and scream
clutching at the etherial
searching for shifting footing.

But in the end
all I can really do is
open my arms, open my eyes
and let the perpetual motion
carry me along.