An Alternate Reality

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Just living
Just loving
Just serving
Just sharing
is it enough?

Just being happy
Just seeing other’s joy
Just having heart
Just caring
is it enough?

Just hoping
Just wondering
Just accepting
Just being
is it enough?

But what else is there?
So, enough is enough!

The Life of a Chipmunk

Chipmunks are busy little creatures,
darting here and there,
collecting nuts and twigs and who knows what else.

They sit on stoops and chirp,
singing in oddly unmusical voices.
They dig, they eat, they procreate.

They are snatched from their peace by endless predators,
carried off by other busy creatures
that hunt, and eat, and procreate.

A chain of food
A life of repetition
Endless repetition

From birth to death
darting, collecting,
procreating, dying.

As chipmunks go,
thus does all of creation
from stars to viruses to the rest of us.

Is it only what they do in between that differs?
Is it only what they do in between that really matters?

Like contentedly sitting on the stoop?
Like happily chirping?