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A Childhood Memory – My First Taste of Lipstick

It cost five cents. A fortune. But my pocket burned and
my hand snatched one from the candy store box.

I looked at it. Gently touched the plastic cover.
I had to have it.

The lady at the counter took my nickle.
Asked if I wanted a bag.

“No thanks,” I said, hurrying out.
I ran around the corner.
Ripped off the plastic.
Held it up, smiling.

The moment of truth.
I popped off the cover, held it to my lips.

Suddenly I was as glamourous as Rachael Welch
As sophisticated at Katherine Hepburn
As grown up as my Mom.

I brushed the tube of candy across my lips.
The taste was sugary, sweet.
Probably nothing like the real thing, but I didn’t know…
Being 6 and all.

That’s when it happened.
The dirty deed.
I couldn’t help myself.
I took a bite.

I’ll always remember
my first taste of lipstick.