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The Final Walk of Life

There is a road
that none of us has been on before
and yet one that all of us must travel.

We take a step with pain.
We shuffle along with grief.
We get tangled in the brambles of loss.

No one really wants to
make the journey,
but no one can avoid it.

There is darkness ahead, the unknown looms,
but even if we stand still
the gravel shifts beneath our feet.

We are aware of others on the path,
shadows of joy, or hope,
or friends along the way,

but in the end we make the footsteps ourselves.
No one can make them for us
and no one can tell us where ours will land.

We are ultimately alone on this road
with whatever philosophy gives us comfort.
And yet, we are all alone together

struggling to find our way on this final walk of life.