An Alternate Reality

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The Stars Look Down

Orion greets me in the dawn,
keeping watch above my head.

And I, in turn, raise my eyes,
grateful to have the company.

As I walk, he guards my back,
protecting me with club and belt.

When I arrive at morning’s door
I smile and thank him for his diligence.

One Day at a Time

One day at a time,
that’s all I can live,
one hour, one minute, one breath.

All past and all future,
all then and all now,
into one single essence compressed.

Everything that I am,
everything that I was,
everything I’m intended to be

are here in the moment,
available for me
to consider, experience and see.

What I do with this “now”
with this hour, with this breath
is my choice. My decision is clear,

I choose to find wonder
in all that exists
and not waste it on regret and fear.

Out of My Hands

When I was afraid of death
God took the fears out of my hands.

When I couldn’t decide which way to go
God took the obstacles out of my hands.

When I was full of regret and doubt
God took the anxiety out of my hands.

And when medicine can’t help her any more,
God will gently take my precious mother out of my trembling hands.