An Alternate Reality

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Snow Bird

Those little birds that brave the cold,
their bodies puffed with feathers,
they huddle close beneath the bows
of pines in frozen weather.

Those silly things, didn’t they know
to fly south for the season?
But if there’s food and shelter here
I guess that’s enough reason.

I have food and shelter too.
Is that why I’m not going
to where the sunny beaches bake
and blue waters are flowing?

I guess that I’ll just brave the cold,
my body puffed with flannel.
I’ll sip hot chocolate from a mug,
and watch the shopping channel.

Frozen Trails

What are those prints in soft, new snow?
What creatures dare to tread?
Their little feet must be so cold.
Are they hiding in the shed?

What ever do they find to eat,
beneath the frozen field?
How do they manage to proceed,
when all the snow mounds yield?

I wish I knew their secret ways.
I could use their advice,
so I would know how to endure
when all my world is ice.

Time to Downsize

The screw holding my closet rod gave way under the strain.
Dumping the clothes, hangers and all, to the floor.
I guess it’s time to downsize.

The rod was fixed and I started to sort.
Saw things I couldn’t wear three sizes ago.
I guess it’s time to downsize.

I can’t believe the bags and bags, yet,
the closet still seems to be almost full.
Oh, my gosh. Still time to downsize.