An Alternate Reality

Archive for September, 2015


They wake me up at 4am
the doubts, the fears,
the anxiety.

All past loss comes tumbling in,
all future loss leers at me
from the closet door.

Be afraid, they whisper.
Be very afraid.
All this is loss, worthless refuse to you…

But, they quote it wrong.
It is “Be NOT Afraid”
and “All BUT this is loss”

They don’t want me to hear that part.
They don’t want me to see the rays of dawn,
or the sparkle of hope on the horizon.

Yes, there has been and will always be loss and change,
but there will always be joy and awe,
like the stars, holding their own in the black void at 4am.

one with all

connected to the earth
co-existing with the trees
cradled in the bright arms of the stars

children of one God
embodiment of life
sharing what the Universe provides

essence, not transcendence
beloved, not belong
forming all existence with our cells

alone, a grand illusion
but the truest revelation
lies in knowing we are really one with all