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The Next Phase

I must be ready for these updated ideas,
because they are forming in my head
and they speak from the books that have
found their way to me.

I must be ready for the years of age and wisdom,
because I am discovering
that I do know
some of what I thought I didn’t know.

I must be ready for this next phase in my life,
because now I have perspective,
and a more realistic outlook on the world
that I didn’t have when I was younger.

I must be ready,
ready or not,
here I come…

Mind Noise

So many words roll and tumble
like rocks in a jewelers polisher

So many thoughts clack together
grinding and breaking against each other

So much confusion
So little understanding

Will any survive?

What does it mean
when all that’s left
is powdery dust?

True Wisdom

In the cool shade
beneath the pines
I ponder.

Who am I?
What do I want?
What does my life mean?

How does one acquire wisdom?
How does one know the path to choose?

So many questions I pose to the wisened old trees,
but my words mean nothing to them.

They only laugh and shake their boughs at my silliness.