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Just a Passing Thought

Clearly, there are moments that have changed our lives,
but how about the lives that have changed our moments?

Beautiful Places

I was doing a creative exercise that said to write about the most beautiful place I have ever seen, but, I have seen so many, it’s hard to choose which one.
Do I pick

the humbling glaciers and holy mountains in Alaska?
the ice dipped trees in Wisconsin?
the fog encrusted pines in Tennessee?

or maybe something smaller, like

the crystalline structure of sand
a ladybug sunning on a blade of grass
the crackling glaze of frost on the window pane

how about

the stars from Hubble
the Earth from the Moon
the vastness of the Universe, too grand for my mind to grasp

There is so much beauty I’ve seen
and so much I’ve missed or taken for granted.

I need to pay attention
especially when my jaded self
thinks she’s seen it all.
That’s when real beauty appears-
and I don’t want to miss a drop!

Winter Lament

What is that in the southern sky?
A reflective orb? A UFO?
I know I’ve seen it somewhere before
I can’t recall just when.

What is that on my window sill?
A whitish streak, a yellow glow.
I used to know what it was called,
but now – I just don’t know.

What is that shining in my eyes?
It’s warm and comforting somehow.
I haven’t felt it in such a long time,
yet it feels so very familiar.

But wait! It’s gone, and I am sad.
I almost had it for a moment there.
I hope it comes to visit again.
My heart is lighter when it’s here.

Darkness – and Light

I cry out for a Reason, what is this all for?
I beg for an answer – only silence once more.

So, I’m left in this valley of hopeless despair,
And pray to a God that I’m not sure is there.

And yet, I am still here. I move and I breathe,
The sun still shines through the hard ice that I see.

So, although I can’t think of a reason to be,
“I AM”, and my life is that sacred Mystery.

City Bird


Not a pigeon
Not a dove
Not a robin
Not a sparrow

Like a deer
Like a coyote
Like a skunk
Like a racoon

It’s a citified country dweller

What is it doing here
Just sitting on a railing
Biding its time
Waiting for dinner?

It doesn’t belong here
but maybe it does
like the rest of us it’s learned
how to be a city bird!