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On Meditation

Leave the frantic mind in the fields, like wild ponies.
Then come and sit here in the shade and silence.

Of Mourning Doves and Morning Glories

How gently it sways upon the wire
How watchfully, oh bird of mourning
Looking down upon the flower
Purple star of different morning

Glories both in juxtaposing
One the lower, one the higher
Heralds of the Present Holy
Joy of day and finest hour

Two sides of all nature’s blessings
Embodying both bliss and sorrow
In my own heart find relenting
That I too will know their power

23 Years Ago

23 years ago my life changed forever
23 years ago I had nowhere to turn
23 years ago I had to deal with tragedy
23 years ago I lost my father

3 years ago the unfathomable happened
3 years ago my life changed irreparably
3 years ago I faced something I couldn’t 20 years before
3 years ago I watched my mother die

Now I have sorrow and nostalgia I never knew I’d face
Now I have tender scars that never will quite heal
Now I have the wisdom to know that life goes on
Now, perhaps, I have the strength and courage to face what’s yet to come


Birds of a Feather

whistling whippoorwill
singing starling
hovering hawk
placid penguin
busy blackbird
outraged owl
hurried hummingbird
mesmerized me

A Strange Thought for the Day

If everything is made of stardust,
what is stardust made of?