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Beautiful Places

I was doing a creative exercise that said to write about the most beautiful place I have ever seen, but, I have seen so many, it’s hard to choose which one.
Do I pick

the humbling glaciers and holy mountains in Alaska?
the ice dipped trees in Wisconsin?
the fog encrusted pines in Tennessee?

or maybe something smaller, like

the crystalline structure of sand
a ladybug sunning on a blade of grass
the crackling glaze of frost on the window pane

how about

the stars from Hubble
the Earth from the Moon
the vastness of the Universe, too grand for my mind to grasp

There is so much beauty I’ve seen
and so much I’ve missed or taken for granted.

I need to pay attention
especially when my jaded self
thinks she’s seen it all.
That’s when real beauty appears-
and I don’t want to miss a drop!