An Alternate Reality

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Winter Solstice

Hope hibernates

in crystal icicles

and snowy branches.



beneath the layers.

The dead of winter

is merely life

holding its breath,

While the essence of joy


in the clear night sky.

Many Faces of Me

I weep
I rage
I laugh
I grieve

I know
I see
I hope
I believe

I seek
I pray
I wonder
I strive

I care
I treasure
I hold
I try

to be just one me.

Red Sky At Morning

Red sky at morning, may be sailers’ warning,

but it certainly is MY delight!



In a place

            far away

See, a star,

            pointing home. 


Nestled in the snow

protected from the damp cold

bent pine bows, a bed.


Child in manger low

recompense for human kind

Can we dare to hope?

Decisions, Decisions

Now I have to choose.

            I must make a stand,

                        time to make a decision

                                    and let the cards land.


I try to weigh options,

            anticipate regret,

                        and try to predict

                                    how my needs are best met.


What will make me most happy?

            What will cause me less pain?

                        How much guilt can I live with?

                                    How much is there to gain?


Is there some way to know

            just which path is the best

                        or do I blindly move forward

                                    letting go of the rest?


So, to act or not act,

            it’s so hard to decide.

                        Guess I’ll step off the cliff

                                    and just enjoy the ride.