An Alternate Reality

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Silent stillness
Winter’s breath
Holding, resting
Secret renewal

Beneath this silent blanket
In stillness, wait

Life Finds a Way

In the face of incredible odds

            life finds a way

In the depths of despair

            life finds a way


Against a wall of adversity

Through sorrow

Through pain


In the shadow of the unknown

            life finds a way

In the throes of insurmountable struggle

            life finds a way


Even through the darkness

Even past doubt

Even beyond death


Somehow, always

life finds a way

Ash Wednesday

Burn down this heavy body
Burn down this restless mind
Burn down this angry frustration
and rise again from ashes.

Burn down this need to control
Burn down this pointless anxiety
Burn down this flagging spirit
and rise again from ashes.

There is a gold coin somewhere
in the remains, a silver necklace,
a diamond ring.

Wash me in waters of gratitude
Cleanse me in rivers of joy
Bathe me in the light of forgiveness
and let me rise again from ashes.


They wake me up at 4am
the doubts, the fears,
the anxiety.

All past loss comes tumbling in,
all future loss leers at me
from the closet door.

Be afraid, they whisper.
Be very afraid.
All this is loss, worthless refuse to you…

But, they quote it wrong.
It is “Be NOT Afraid”
and “All BUT this is loss”

They don’t want me to hear that part.
They don’t want me to see the rays of dawn,
or the sparkle of hope on the horizon.

Yes, there has been and will always be loss and change,
but there will always be joy and awe,
like the stars, holding their own in the black void at 4am.


Shared pain is still pain
Shared loss is still loss

But shared means not alone
and shared, is lessened burden.

We are always part of a greater whole –
always sharing.

Shared joy is doubled joy
Shared peace is tripled peace

Shared love is infinite.

Endless Wonder

I often wondered why I’m here.
I often wondered what I fear.
I often wondered when God would appear.
Oh, the endless wonder. 

And then I had a revelation,
was filled with awe and jubilation
at the wonders of Creation.
Oh, the endless wonder! 

So, I am here to act as witness
to the Holy Spirit’s brilliance
manifest in all existence.
Oh, the Endless Wonder!

All you need is…

I need to dance
I need to sing
I need to throw off this
            dark cloak of burden
And breathe free once more. 

I need to scream
I need to dream
I need to find a way
            to discover my soul
again, amid all the chaos. 

It’s there.
I know it is.
It calls to me
from far away. 

I need to dance
I need to sing
I need to open the gates
            of this weary heart
And let the waiting love flow in, at last.