An Alternate Reality

A New Normal

Death and Viruses
Aging and New Babies
All changes require finding
A New Normal

Do we reach out?
Do we turn inward?
Do we look to God,
or our loved ones or ourselves?

Establishing a New Normal
takes Courage
involves Pain
is sustained by Hope

And in the end
maybe we’ll find
that a New Normal
will never really be normal again.

Life Lessons

What has 63 years taught me?

That in the world there is:
darkness and light,
cruelty and kindness,
disregard and compassion,
irresponsibility and dedication,
in equal measures.

And I’ve learned that:
life and weeds will always find a way,
love is best given with no expectations,
life is too short to wear tight shoes,
there are little joys everywhere
if I just look.

I wonder what my remaining years will teach me?

Taking My Lumps

I feel like a lump of cheese
shapeless and soft
ready to melt
at the slightest rise in temperature.

I feel like a lump of coal
not pressed hard enough
to create a diamond
but only enough to start a fire.

I feel like a lump of dry clay
so much potential
wasted by
disuse and apathy.

What kind of yeast do I need
to add to this lump of dough
to make it
rise again?

A Winter Thought

The slippery ice
makes me tiptoe
nervously through life.
I need better boots.

Too Long Away

I have been too long away
            from writing my poetry
            from a visit with my family
            from the joy of my music
            from quiet walks in the woods.

I have been too long away
            with no one to blame but myself
            distracted by too many pointless things
            worrying too much about things I can’t change
            forgetting to just be here

I have been too long away
            and it’s time to decide
            what I really want
            before I find myself
            too long away from life itself.

In Pain

Sometimes I literally want to die
die to my pain
die to my frustrations
die to my self pity

There must be more than just this.
I must be more than just this.
So, I cry and let the tears
show me how to live again.

As autumn arrives
and the leaves begin to fall
I think of all my leaves
that need to be shed.

Some easily flit away.
Some are stuck fast.

And I wonder why,
why does so much change,
why is this time of life so hard,
why am I here at all?

Spring is the time for hope.
Summer is the time for growth.
Winter is the time for rest.
But, Autumn is the time for musings.