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Snow on the Pines

They stand tall,
ancient sentries with
boughs outstretched

Flake by flake
they hold steady
bearing the white flocking
in unquivering arms.

They sway.
They bend.
As the drag on their needles grows,
some may even snap.

But they don’t complain.
They are steadfast.
They are determined,
for they know they must.

Deep within,
sheltered from the snow,
a shivering sparrow
finds its only refuge.

Horrible Haiku

Nature in its prime
sees me as I am, and yet
makes me young again.

Empty hearted soul
searching for a way to love
finds it in a song

In life a spoon is
not the best of utensils,
but it’s all I have.

A Mother’s Final Promise

When your heart is set to bursting
and the tears can’t help but flow
when you bow your head repeating
all the calming prayers you know

When your eyes can’t see the sunshine
and your ears can’t hear the songs
when you’ve had no joy for sometime
and you’ve lost where you belong

When you need to feel a warm heart
when you think you’ll never mend
know you’ve always been my best part
and that part will never end.

Stone Madonna

Stone Madonna
Do you turn your marbled eyes to me?
Do you reach for me with unbending arms?
You don’t move and yet you move me.

Stone Madonna
Would I find comfort against your cold breast?
Would I find peace in your commanding presence?
Would you let me sit like a lost child at your feet?

Stone Madonna
So like my own mother,
do you show your love with an unsmiling face,
so hard, and yet, so tender?

More New Year’s Resolutions

I have so many good intentions,
so many New Year Resolutions.

I want to eat better
I want to write more often
I want to let go of what isn’t important
I want to treat people with more compassion and less judgment

Good intentions, all.
And yet, you know what they say about old habits…

But, there is no downside to starting again
and again
and again
and again.

It’s not that I am failing to keep my resolutions.
It’s just that I succeed in getting in my own way.