An Alternate Reality

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Real vs. Artificial
Natural vs. Manmade
Fading vs. Perpetual
Changing vs. Fixed
Bittersweet vs. Irritatingly perky

But both are beautiful.
And both make me smile.


Technically Speaking

Technology is a form a faith. 

We depend on it to be there when we need it.
We touch a screen or press a button and are pretty sure
we’ll get a response — maybe not exactly what we expect
but a response, none the less. 

But how many of us know how it really works? 

We just know that it does without knowing how
and we trust that it does without asking why.
So, technically speaking,
isn’t that Faith?

Eye of the Beholder

I read some Modern poetry today
and considered some Modern art
then discovered a truth about myself —
I guess I’m not that smart!

I couldn’t make sense of the poem’s words
and the paint blobs left me baffled.
I know I’m supposed to see beauty and truth
but I strain and I struggle and I grapple.

So, I guess I’ve come to the conclusion that,
like the little boy who knows,
for all the praise of his finery,
the emperor’s not wearing clothes!

Longing for Something Else?

Does a cultivated rose
ever long to be a morning glory?

Does a hothouse orchid
long to be a dandelion?

Would a dairy cow
rather be a gazelle?

Or a pastured sheep
a wild dolphin?

I sit in my office with my laptop
and my printer,

my email, and my instant messaging,
grazing behind my fences of responsibility,

And I do so long to be
a morning glory,

or a wild dolphin…

A Wonderful Life That Was

(for Janice and Dorothy, who helped make our lives wonderful)

Another death today
another loss.

Yes, she was older.
Yes, she had been sick a while.

But the sadness is still heart rending
the emptiness is still a raw hole.

I know death is necessary.
I know it is inevitable.

It brings pain and sorrow,
but it also gives us an opportunity.

It gives us a chance to cherish
all the memories we have left.

It gives us a chance to celebrate
a wonderful life that was.

Keeping Lenten Promises

We give things up for Lent to teach us appreciation
We give alms during Lent to help us connect with the less fortunate
We pray more during Lent to help us join again with the Great Mystery

I gave up diet soda and ice cream
I started putting change in a Heifer Project box and I’m paying my taxes
I am meditating on a Thought a Day brochure and writing in my journal

And so far, I am doing really well,

But, it’s only day 2….

My Treasured Gift

I am not much of a creator
            I can’t draw or paint
            I am a mediocre musician at best
            I’m a rather simplistic poet

 But, beautiful photos or paintings
            with interesting subjects and unusual angles
            open my mind 

Stirring music
            emotionally performed
            frees my soul 

Rhythmic words
             synchronously placed just right
             make me sigh and smile in wonder

 I may not be much of a creator
            but as an involved observer, an interested appreciator,
            a lover of other’s creations,
            there my true talent lies and isn’t that a treasured gift indeed.