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That Breathtaking Moment of Awe

It’s not in the planning
or fulfillment thereof.
It’s not in the normal routine.

It’s not in the things
that we think should be there
or in things we’re expecting to see.

But, it’s in the surprises,
the tricks of the light,
in the things that don’t
fit in our law

which give us a feeling
beyond our beliefs–
that breathtaking
Moment of Awe.

Darkness – and Light

I cry out for a Reason, what is this all for?
I beg for an answer – only silence once more.

So, I’m left in this valley of hopeless despair,
And pray to a God that I’m not sure is there.

And yet, I am still here. I move and I breathe,
The sun still shines through the hard ice that I see.

So, although I can’t think of a reason to be,
“I AM”, and my life is that sacred Mystery.