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Ode to an O’d Farmer

(for Uncle “Slicker”) 

As a child, to me he was bigger than life
            a cow-whisperer
            a corn-stalker.

Miraculous things happened in the barn under his watch
            kittens were born
            milking machines rattled and swooshed. 

Cows, their heads as big as dinosaurs
            dumped interesting piles of steaming brown
            and splattered gutters full of liquid yellow. 

The farm was a special place
            cared for by a special farmer. The hay was fragrant.
            The fresh food, plentiful (Aunt Frances’ donuts, divine!) 

He will always be remembered
            by the land
            by the herds

 By the God, who watches over him now
            in the barns and fruitful fields
            of the eternal beyond.