An Alternate Reality

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Endless Wonder

I often wondered why I’m here.
I often wondered what I fear.
I often wondered when God would appear.
Oh, the endless wonder. 

And then I had a revelation,
was filled with awe and jubilation
at the wonders of Creation.
Oh, the endless wonder! 

So, I am here to act as witness
to the Holy Spirit’s brilliance
manifest in all existence.
Oh, the Endless Wonder!

Big Gray Cat

Big gray cat
sauntering across the lawn
checking out the newly cut grass.

Sniffing at the dirt,
shaking one round paw,
finding just the softest place to rest.

What a sight to see
in the middle of the yard,
sitting just as comfortable as you please.

Oh, big gray cat
do you have a single care?
I do wish that carefree creature could be me.


What if all I believe is false?
What if all I’ve been taught to believe, is not true?

Would my world be shaken?
Would my days be different?

Would it matter to find that my life is built on shifting sands?

Maybe, but, it has been shifting anyway,
whether I believe,
or not…