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Haiku for a Basement Bug

Life is hard enough
without a big stomping foot
so just let it be


A traveler, stuck in the mud
hesitant to free himself
for fear of losing a shoe.

Winter’s Rest

Winter resting
huddled warm
nothing to plan
no place to go 

Forgotten, worries
sorrows, numb
just here waiting
the rest will come



So, we’re all that’s left now-
e elders
the crones
the wise women.

How can that be,
when we seem
to have so little
wisdom, ourselves?

Is this how all previous generations
before us felt
when we thought
they had all the answers?

I suppose having one day’s more
experience than someone else
makes us wise
in their eyes.

And so, who would have guessed
that wisdom
and knowledge
are relative?