An Alternate Reality

Archive for September, 2014


What does it mean to live,
to really live?

Watching six kittens play in the yard next door
Making up silly titles to holy songs at church
Trimming an out-of-control weed bush as if it were long-stemmed roses

The mundane. The unimportant.
Is that what it means to really live?

The kids on bikes wheeling down the road
The name-less neighbor who waves as I drive by
The flock of birds outside the window that scatter as I raise the shade

The unacknowledged. The barely seen.
Are they what life is really about?

I think I’ve been missing something
in my perpetual search for meaning.
I think I have been blind and deaf and unaware.

Life is happening all around me.
Meaning is there, in the essential little things.


See me. Please, see me.
And know who I am.

Hear me. Please, hear me.
Let me know that you can.

Understand me. Please, understand me
because I’m not sure that I do.

Love me. Please, love me.
And I’ll do the same for you.


Standing on the outside
yet near enough to see
all the strong emotions
and the fears in front of me.

I remember clearly
being in the place you are,
feeling ever lost and lonely,
resolution, impossibly far.

I long so to advise you
and to take away your pain,
to say that you’ll get through this
and will feel the sun again.

But, perhaps what I must do now
is not downplay all your fear,
only stand with outstretched arms and heart
and let you know I’m here.