An Alternate Reality

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Mind Noise

So many words roll and tumble
like rocks in a jewelers polisher

So many thoughts clack together
grinding and breaking against each other

So much confusion
So little understanding

Will any survive?

What does it mean
when all that’s left
is powdery dust?


I stood on a mountain
looking up to the sky.

No prophets appeared,
no voice from on high.

I’m not really sure
what I expected to see

Some miracle, perhaps,
or The Extraordinary.

And then I looked down
at the earth far below

Something stirred in my heart
and I began to know

That the treasure I sought
was not way above

It could only be found
in a soul filled with love.

True Wisdom

In the cool shade
beneath the pines
I ponder.

Who am I?
What do I want?
What does my life mean?

How does one acquire wisdom?
How does one know the path to choose?

So many questions I pose to the wisened old trees,
but my words mean nothing to them.

They only laugh and shake their boughs at my silliness.

Still Life

Apples in a bowl
still life
A landscape of a field
still life
An undisturbed pond
A frozen winter morning
Living in the shadow of death
Still Life!

A New Day

Morning silence
Hushed and waiting
Like the space between breaths

Dawn, full of darkness
Like Mary, full of grace
Waiting and hopeful
Preparing for new birth

Here in dark silence
Here in hushed waiting
Here I am
Yearning to be new.

The Illusion of Spring

The birds think it’s Spring.
They chirp and they whistle
and cluster at the feeder.

They don’t seem to mind the cold
or notice the deep snow
still sealing in the grass.

They rejoice in the sun
and sing praises to New Life.

I’d like to think it’s Spring, too,
but with my high level reasoning
and my perceptive human senses

I know better –

Don’t I?