An Alternate Reality

Archive for June, 2015


There is a rainbow in my book
Spilling color across the pages
Pointing out what is important
Making me smile

There is a rainbow on my desk
Shining on the stacks of paper
Pointing out what is not important
Making me smile

There is a rainbow in my window
Light bending through the crystal hanging there
Pointing out what is vital to my life
Making me smile

The Polarized Lenses of the Soul

Everything I see,
everything I experience
is slightly skewed from reality
just by the act of my looking.

My eyes see,
but my subconscious interprets.
My synapses store,
but my memory picks and chooses.

What is real for me
is not necessarily real for everyone.
What is joy to me
may be pain to someone else.

I can only see the world
through the polarized lenses of my soul.
I live my life thinking I know the truth,
when, in truth, I know nothing at all.


Shared pain is still pain
Shared loss is still loss

But shared means not alone
and shared, is lessened burden.

We are always part of a greater whole –
always sharing.

Shared joy is doubled joy
Shared peace is tripled peace

Shared love is infinite.