An Alternate Reality

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A Worried Traveler (on the eve of a trip)

Tomorrow I leave.
    I worry about where I’m going.
    I worry about what I’m leaving behind.
My mind knows
    that nothing will be changed
    by my worry.
My soul knows
    that I can only accept
    what is and what will be. 
While my heart
    needs to hold
    on to something,
I wonder,
    is worry really easier
    than love?

The True Nature of Things

There is something
          truly awesome
                     about the universe.

 The more we know,
          the more we know
                     we don’t know at all.

Space expanding,
          stars exploding,
                     galaxies speeding away.

 Funny, how the
          unimaginably large mimics
                     the infinitesimally small.

 We are all made out of
          tiny molecules
                     and grand spaces.

 Makes you wonder
          if we are not all just
                     full of hot air?

Who am I now?

Going back through dusty dregs of journals long unread,
I thought the things I long to say have already been said.

But then, to my amazement I found I’ve changed, somehow,
And there is still some wisdom in the person I am now.

I ran away from home

I ran away from home
to find a quiet place
to think
to escape
to be at peace.

I ran away from home
to give myself
a change of scenery
a place to formulate
new thoughts.

I ran away from home
but also ran to nature
to budding trees and curious birds
to running streams
and freshened breezes.

I ran away from home
to find my center
to find my joy
to find my connection
to find myself.

I ran away from home
to find home.

Dancing with Butterflies

Life seems dreary
Life seems burdened
Life seem useless

And then music plays
and the sun shines
and I find myself
Dancing with butterflies

I don’t know where I am
I don’t know where I’m going
I’m not sure what I’ll leave behind

Then the sun shines
and the music plays
and I find myself
Dancing with butterflies

So, for now I’ll let go of the sadness
For now, I’ll forget expectations
Just for now I can live in the present

And the sun will shine
the music will play
and I’ll let myself
Dance with the butterflies.