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The trees near the dump are filled with white birds.
All shapes and sizes fill the woods.
From a distance they are a great flock,
all fluttering wings ready to take flight.

But closer up, I can see them for what they are.
Not beautiful white birds at all,
but thousands of wind-tossed plastic bags
caught in the naked limbs and the cold winter branches.


(from my 2015 Journal)

I killed a bug today.
I apologized, but still, I took a life.
Some would say that doesn’t count,
that bugs don’t count.
But I think they do.
They deserve consideration.
So, I’m sorry, bug,
some things just can’t be helped.


A traveler, stuck in the mud
hesitant to free himself
for fear of losing a shoe.

No Words

There are no words
that can remove the pain of loss.

There are no words
that can keep our hearts from breaking.

There are no words
that can change the way things are.

There are no words
that are enough.

There are no words,
only love.

A Random Thought…

There was no leap day this year,
I wonder what I missed…