An Alternate Reality

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Twinkling Lights

Warm twinkling lights
on this cold December night,
you stir in me a feeling
of comfort and delight.

Soft, cozy glow,
my thoughts from long ago
rise up like sweet nostalgia,
like crisp footprints in the snow.

Gentle, peaceful Guide,
you shimmer by my side,
reminding me, forever
in my heart You do abide.

If all the world could see
the hope you show to me,
the love, the inspiration,
how much greater would we be?

Of Frantic Behavior…and Butterflies

Too many thoughts and “to do”s
            flutter around me,
but the more I jump and
            snatch at them
the more they scatter and
            dart away, like timid butterflies. 

But if I sit very quiet
            and very patient,
one by one
            they settle on my arms,
on my hands,
            on my head.   

 Then, I can see them clearly,
            apprehending their character,
understanding my own
            frantic behavior,
and I can find peace
            in just living my life one thing at a time.

A Light from Above

A light from above
shines down on this weary world.

A light from above
illuminates the darkness in my soul.

A light from above
might be a street lamp, a star, a reflection off the moon,

But a Light from Above
is all that I have to show me the way.

An Artificial Christmas

I go through the motions
to celebrate a season
I’m not sure I believe in any more.

I do what I ought to
to keep the traditions
and not disappoint those around me.

Trying to capture the joy again,
Trying to bring it to life again.

If I have to pretend
at least just a little
isn’t it worth the possibility?

So, cookies are baked, decorations are hung,
I watch sappy movies
and pray for the miracle.