An Alternate Reality

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Questions…and answers?

I ask, why?

But the grass doesn’t ask

            it just yearns to grow

                        and does.


 I ask, what’s it all for?

But the birds don’t care

            they just reach out to each other

                        in song.


 I ask if anything I do really matters.

But the wind and the trees

            and the rocks just shrug at me

                        And laugh.


Existence doesn’t ask.

It just is.

And so am I.

What We Don’t See

The Universe expands
even though we don’t see it.

The galaxies and planets spin
even though we don’t feel it.

Life follows a cyclical course
even though we don’t understand it.

My heart will find its way
even though I don’t know it.

The Process of Writing

I see words dance,
a smooth waltz
or a jiggling jive.

Some come easy,
aligning themselves perfectly
across the page.

Some start and stop,
randomly skipping as they go,
leaving pot marks of white space.

Some hide,
floating just out of reach.
Some demand to be used.

I think I am creating,
but ultimately,
the words are creating me.


Swirls of feelings

but they’re not me

 Misty thoughts

what can they be?

Unsettled limbs

twitching ceaselessly

What is inside

longing to be free?