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Poor Morning Glories

They bloom so bright, shouting “I am here!” in glorious color.

They greet the sun, opening themselves to the new day, with joyful abandon.

But they are short lived and before mid-day their bloom shrivels and fades.

Poor morning glory, do you long to remain, or are you happy to have spent your
short time so well?

And yet, where one is lost, another takes its place, opening anew to the precious light of another day.

Haiku Wisdom

On death and dying:
Death is on its way
Nothing to be done for now
Except to let it

On Cemeteries:
Planted in the ground
Just like colorful tulips
Lives that once had been



Life Finds a Way

In the face of incredible odds

            life finds a way

In the depths of despair

            life finds a way


Against a wall of adversity

Through sorrow

Through pain


In the shadow of the unknown

            life finds a way

In the throes of insurmountable struggle

            life finds a way


Even through the darkness

Even past doubt

Even beyond death


Somehow, always

life finds a way