An Alternate Reality

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Twists and Turns

The wind makes ripples in the pool
and I am there to see it.

Thus, every twist and turn in my life
has brought me to this instant.

And every twist and turn in every life before me
has led me to this place.

And every twist and turn in the lives of all
who made the pool, who built the building, who pumped the water

or the water itself from the lake, from the glaciers, from the sky,
from the molecules of the big bang.

The realization boggles my mind,
how inextricably connected all things are in every twist and turn.


There is sadness in my head,
both old and new, and a longing
for the way things used to be.

There is sorrow in my eyes,
blurring all the special times
that used to bring me tranquility and joy.

There is fear in my heart,
making me cower behind
all the unfixable mistakes of the past.

But, there is also mystery in my soul,
that tries its best
to keep a spark of hope alive.

And, there is life in me yet,
that struggles to be set free
and change my mourning into song.


What makes you so happy, little winged ones?
What fills your hearts with songs?

Is it the morning sun?
Is it the offered seeds?

Are you singing to your mates,
or your chicks, or your God?

I wish I could understand you,
so I too could sing a joyful morningsong.