An Alternate Reality

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The Next Phase

I must be ready for these updated ideas,
because they are forming in my head
and they speak from the books that have
found their way to me.

I must be ready for the years of age and wisdom,
because I am discovering
that I do know
some of what I thought I didn’t know.

I must be ready for this next phase in my life,
because now I have perspective,
and a more realistic outlook on the world
that I didn’t have when I was younger.

I must be ready,
ready or not,
here I come…

Late Bloomers

I have two trees in my front yard,
one full of spring and one stuck in winter.

I worry that the one is dead
while the other sings with bright green fuzz.

But then, one May morning, I see brown specs,
that slowly have become tiny baby leaves,

And I sigh in relief.

There is hope for my tree—and for me,
stuck in winter’s gloom for longer than some.

There is hope and the promise of new life.
It is never too late, for us late bloomers.