An Alternate Reality

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As it should be…

So many things work out in just
the way they’re meant to be.
So much falls into place
in ways I really couldn’t see. 

And so I thank the Powers,
call it Fate or Deity.
But, regardless, when I move aside
all is as it should be.

All you need is…

I need to dance
I need to sing
I need to throw off this
            dark cloak of burden
And breathe free once more. 

I need to scream
I need to dream
I need to find a way
            to discover my soul
again, amid all the chaos. 

It’s there.
I know it is.
It calls to me
from far away. 

I need to dance
I need to sing
I need to open the gates
            of this weary heart
And let the waiting love flow in, at last.

The Tenth Circle of Hell

Too many hard things on my plate
            like cookies on a cookie sheet
No room for more
            unless I eat some. 

Too many cookies in my belly
            like stones giving me an ache
No room for relief
            unless I purge them. 

Too many stones at my feet
            like cement overshoes
No room to move
            unless I pick them up 

And put them on my plate…