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Death, in the Rear View Mirror

How close is death to any of us?
A thyroid storm away?
A lung infection?
A train?

Are we always prepared…or ever?
Are we reconciled?
Are we loved?
Do we love?

Death, in the rear view mirror,
is closer than we think.

Hail Mary, full of grace

Hail Mary, full of grace
Sitting vigil
watching my mother die
saying the rosary
hoping God will take her soon.

Carry her away
on a gentle breath.
Let her live on
only in our memories and our dreams.

This feels like a dream,
like I will wake
to childhood again.
How can it be that my mother will be gone?

Sitting vigil
watching my mother die
remembering her life
hoping God will keep her safe.

Now, and at the hour of our death…
4 generations in the room-
one, only a shell.
Talking, laughing, telling stories
ushering one onward
remembering and weeping
reminiscing and laughing
little ones scurrying around
the rest in chairs, on the floor,
next to the body on the bed.
Child, mom, grandma, great grandma
Three generations in one room-
one now gone on.

Oh, my terrible sad heart.
Surreal and sad.
My mother is gone
and I can’t get my thoughts
around that fact.

In the whirlwind of calls and plans,
forgetting what it’s all for.
My life will never be the same
but it never really would have been anyway.

A Wonderful Life That Was

(for Janice and Dorothy, who helped make our lives wonderful)

Another death today
another loss.

Yes, she was older.
Yes, she had been sick a while.

But the sadness is still heart rending
the emptiness is still a raw hole.

I know death is necessary.
I know it is inevitable.

It brings pain and sorrow,
but it also gives us an opportunity.

It gives us a chance to cherish
all the memories we have left.

It gives us a chance to celebrate
a wonderful life that was.