An Alternate Reality

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It’s the little moments…

I sat with Mom at McDonalds today.
I bought a caramel sundae in her memory.
It sat across from me, spoon, napkin and all
while I ate my hot fudge.

I remembered all the times we ate ice cream together,
at McDonalds, at her house watching Jeopardy,
and I felt the grief again.
I let myself cry and miss her,
then I ate her sundae as well!


Two Geese on a Roof

What are they doing way up there?
What a strange sight!
Two geese on a roof.

Why did they land up there,
with the lake and the field nearby?

And yet…the building is new, the roof, flat.
Maybe the geese landed where they always used to
and are now saying to themselves—

What is this doing way up here?
What a strange sight!
Two geese on a roof?

Maybe that’s just right!

Perpetual Motion

In mostly imperceptible ways
change happens
until all at once
I realize
that everything is different.

Almost without notice, my world constantly spins,
like the earth, like the universe,
until all at once
I realize
I’ve been flung off.

I could scramble and scream
clutching at the etherial
searching for shifting footing.

But in the end
all I can really do is
open my arms, open my eyes
and let the perpetual motion
carry me along.