An Alternate Reality

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Again…and again

Can I start again – again?
Over and over – repeat.

The circle of life is one thing,
but this is ridiculous.

I throw away all my hard work.
I dash all my good intentions.

Only to repent,
and then start all over again – again.

The Music of the Universe

We all sing the Music of the Universe.
Our very cells vibrate with the rhythm of creation.
Our heartbeats, our breath, resonate with the same hum
as quarks and quasars.

We are all notes in the same song,
perfectly tuned, even in our dissonance.

Can you hear the soaring melody?
Can you feel its deepest thrumming?

It is in silence that we hear it most clearly.
It is in the core of our being that we find its pulsing beat.

If we just let ourselves sway with the lilting of creation,
if we just let ourselves hear and sing along,
we will finally find our place in the grand orchestra,
and we will be harmonically blended with all that is.

Another Reason?

Another death
another heartbreak
another reason
to despair

Another illness
another tragedy
another reminder
of the pointlessness

or is it?

Another transition
another resurrection
another reason
to celebrate a life

Another change
another challenge
another reminder
of life’s complexity

We know the light
by dwelling in darkness

We know joy
by surviving pain

We know purpose
by questioning reasons

We know God
by experiencing this life.