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A Strange Thought for the Day

If everything is made of stardust,
what is stardust made of?

Scientific Theory

So many mysteries.
So many unknowns.
So much we only see darkly,
in a fog.

Do we really know how the universe works?
What if we have made a single wrong assumption?
Would all of our science fold in on itself
like a tower of cards or a gaping black hole?

Still, we search and we wonder and we experiment,
writing equations to explain
what our gut tells us
we can never really know.

And if we did find the answers,
would they scare us? drive us mad?
like eating fruit from the forbidden tree
or gazing on the face of God…


On the quantum level
past, present and future co-exist.

On the quantum level
particles can be in two places at one time. 

So, what changes
in our “real” world? 

Or are the quantum rules our rules too,
but we’re just too busy to notice?