An Alternate Reality

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Real Gratitude

I have so much, more than I need
and I am grateful
but I am still often sad.

I have good friends and loving family
and I am grateful
why can’t that be enough?

I have this hollow space,
this missing part
and I can’t even say what it is.

But it must serve some purpose
beyond my comprehension
and even for that, I am grateful.

Wasted Food

As a child I was told to clean my plate
Even if I took too much
Even if I was full
No dessert if you don’t eat it all
Wasted Food is Bad

As I got older and made my own choices
That mantra was still in my head so
I ate too much
Even when I was full
And ate dessert too, since
Wasted Food is Bad

But now I’m living with the consequences of that lesson
And I weigh too much
And I constantly struggle to find healthy balance
So I need to remember this lesson as well
Waisted Food is Bad!