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Autumn Musings

As autumn arrives
and the leaves begin to fall
I think of all my leaves
that need to be shed.

Some easily flit away.
Some are stuck fast.

And I wonder why,
why does so much change,
why is this time of life so hard,
why am I here at all?

Spring is the time for hope.
Summer is the time for growth.
Winter is the time for rest.
But, Autumn is the time for musings.


Sometimes I reach the breaking point
but I am never broken.

Sometimes I feel like I can’t stop
but I am always stopping.

Sometimes I feel so screamingly ugly
but there inside is beauty

Sometimes I feel like I could die
but somehow I keep living.


Some people are arrogant
thinking they know everything.

Am I arrogant
thinking I know nothing?

Winter Blues

Sink into the feelings
of sad and bored

Be with them
in their mourning

Not to change them
Not to be rid of them

But just to be present
and acknowledge their worth

Self Portrait in Haiku

I love the morning
streams full of joyful music
but currents run deep

The Stories They Tell

(Stories “told” to me by objects seen on a retreat walk)

A Blue Tile Chip
“I was part of a bathroom wall at an old retreat center,
that was torn down to make way for a new.
I saw many souls come in with tears and pain,
but leave with hope and healing.
I will always remember.”

A Broken Dried Leaf
“My whole life I hung on a tree. Then, near the end,
I helped to feed a young caterpillar who became
a large moth that sailed away on the wind.
I will always remember.”

Deep Holes in a Tree
“From one perspective, I look like an angry face,
with bark wrinkles pecked into eye holes,
but I was a nest that provided shelter for newly
hatched birds. I did what I could for them, and I am
sad that they are gone.
I will always remember.”

Happy New…

Sunshine of a new day
Human definition of a new year
Start of a new beginning
no going back

River of time ever flowing
Everything eternally new
Change, a different way of knowing
everything, and nothing is true

This is now, the warmth of the sun
This is here, the hope of a new start
This is forever, in this one breath
no matter what the calendar says.